“6” must have Fashion items from Kylie Jenner’s Wardrobe for this Fall!

Kylie Jenner has become one of the youngest celebrity for style insiration. This Kardashian has most of her ensemble becoming the latest trend and has even been featured for a lot of magazine cover. She has even introduced line of products, and has become a successful entrepreneur at this age. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, so as your wardrobe needs to be. So we bring you the 6 essential Fashion items that is a must have from Kylie Jenners wardrobe.

1) Formal Dungaree

Denim dungaree that you must have stocked for the summer should be replaced with formal dungaree for this Fall. Formal dungarees are generally made up of cotton satin fabric and gives a very modern and clean finish to your look. In the picture Kylie Jenner is totally pulling off the look and you can definitely carry it this way.


2) Androgynous Overcoat

It is perfect to begin this Fall with this Light winter overcoat, that totally pulls the chic look of Kylie Jenner. This androgynous overcoat can be paired with boyfriend jeans and  a fitted black crop top or simply the way this youngest Kardashian is carrying! But in both ways the Hat is a must to pair along.



3) Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

This pair of Jeans we believe runs for each season of the year, it is distinct only by just the way how you use it in your ensemble for a particular season. We totally love how this 35.5 million followers on Instagram Celebrity wear her distressed denim each time.


4) Calf-length skirt.

Neutral color calf-length skirt is a must have from kylie Jenners wardrobe. The silhouette is so feminine yet bold, and it looks so chic with a bit of peek-a-boo pairing with a crop top. Adding a Jacket with this ensemble would definitely get a few more head turns.




5)  Grey Hair color

This trend has set like fire and it looks Fabulous to carry it during the Fall. You look all the more Stylish with these gry streax on your Hair. FIC digs this from Kylie’s Beauty & Hair product.




6) Gold rings

These rings for different fingers and even midi rings are a must have from Kylie’s Accessories collection. These rings obviously gets true meaning with the groomed Nails like that, Kylie’s nails are also something every blogger should have their eyes on.






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