Pretty benefits of Benefit makeup xo

So I had walked in sephora at palladium mall yesterday, on a mid week shopping spree. Cosmetic shopping needs a lot of investment not only money wise but even time wise although finally its always worth it if you get the right product which will end of the day make you feel more beautiful.

You won’t even find a single female on this planet who uses just one brand for all the cosmetic products, thats because every brand has their own speciality product and secondly it majorly depends on how your skin reacts to a specific product too.

So as my classic needs, i picked up a few eye shadow shades from make-up forever and continued strolling and there i spotted Benefit cosmetic counter. Honestly i haven’t tried benefit product before just had heard a lot of it. So finally i decided to give this cosmetic brand a shot. You won’t believe what happened next!

As soon as i came to the benefit counter, the packaging of the product the colour, the quirky names and the whole presentation brightened my tired face and i just couldn’t wait to try the products. Divya, the makeup consultant guided me through the products.

She started with the base products then eyes and then the highlighters. the only thought that came across my mind was why the hell i wasn’t introduced to this products before. I fell in love the out put of each and every product of benefit was mind-blowing. The best part was that the whole collection was very compact which at last shoots down the confusions to choose from the wide range of the product and all of them served the ultimate need for skin care and makeup.

But for the start i bought the few eye makeup essentials namely brownzings, they’re Real & highbrow glow. Cant wait to share what all i have to say for these products.

  • brownzingz


s1100387-main-herophoto-3-step-by-step (1).jpg

Trust me we know you put a lot of effort on your make-up and if you forget to do the same justice to your eye brows then it just doesn’t even look close to perfect. Your eyebrow when done properly can give your face an amazing look which is both sharp and sexy. I have always been using closer to black shade on eyebrows of different brand and never had been satisfied with either my eyebrow pencil or the shade.

So going back to brownzings Kit, it contains pigmented wax for shaping, natural-shaded powder for setting, discreet tweezers, hard angle brush and blending brush. Only once Divya did my eyes using Benefit eyebrow kit and it changed ! it really did! beautiful change and looked oh so natural. I am in love with browzing kit.

  • they’re Real

IMG_0452 (1).jpg


benefit’s beyond mascara hands down, is one of the best mascara i have ever tried. The best part of it is the same mascara can be used to apply on your eye lashes for the day look and the same can be used for heavy club night look just depends on the number of stokes. I literally didn’t feel the need to put on an eyelash at all coz it made my lashes look so filled and perfect. You guys really really need to gets your hands on this beast.

  • highBROW glow


I never knew this baby can make such a difference in the eye makeup. highbrow glow of benefit basically is used as a liner below the eyebrows gives a very little tone of sheen but closer to cream colour and gives a better impact to the eyes as the eyeshadow becomes more visible and sharp. This is also something i would always secure in my makeup essential kit.

So these were the pretty benefits of Benefits. See ya xo


As always my reviews for products are genuine and it doesn’t depends on our collaborations with other brands:)




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