When coldplay came to Bombay!

I have been a hardcore fan & totally smitten by coldplay music since 2007, never in my wildest dream i thought Coldplay would ever come to India. The day Global citizen India announced about the British brand Coldplay that they were actually coming to perform all I could think is how perfect i have to dress up for this gig!

First thing that i did was order the perfect shoes that i had seen the other day on koovs.com these shoes have led lights on their sole and it glows in 5 different colors, can anything get cooler then this? so ordered those. Here how it looks and it comes with a cute charger too.



Trust me when i say this hundreds of heads turned when i had put on these glowing shoes in the concert. Led shoes according to me is the must have for people who likes to attend concert it gives out dance vibes and sometimes you can even match it to your outfit color.Enough about the shoes and lets talk about the rest of my ensemble.

Top : ZARA

Shorts : ZARA

Shades : Ralph Lauren

Sling : Armani Jeans


Chris Martin and the band won our hearts by their performance. At first we were in the impression of them playing for very few time, but these boys were on fire for more then an hour. They made everyone happy by literally singing all their most loved and epic songs.



Need i say more?

P.S Just wish band & Artist like Maroon 5, Rihanna could make their way to India too:D

As always my reviews for products are genuine and it doesn’t depends on our collaborations with other brands:)



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