Why Kourtney Kardashian is our Favourite from the Kardashian Klan.

Kourtney Kardashian being the mother of three beautiful children Mason, Penelope & Reign is inspiringly keeping up with such responsibilities and equally rocking her Fashion presence.

Scott & Kourtney may not have had the sparkly-happy-go-lucky relationship but Scott has never been anything but super unreliable. Kourtney is maybe the Best Kardashian & with a snap-back body, pretty face, & intelligence, she could find better.

Below are the five moments in which Newly single Kourtney has proved that nothing can stop her from keeping up with the Fashion!


  1. Kourtney Kardashian with her clan & North west Halloween 2015.



2.  Kourtney Kardashian Shoot for a magazine Interview.



3. Kourtney Kardashian at Kylie Jenner’s Bday Bash.



4.  Her love for the Denim during the day.



5.  Kourtney Kardashian at New York Fashion week.



Get the Trendiest Embroidered Cotton Sarees for Wedding from a Leading Supplier

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“6” must have Fashion items from Kylie Jenner’s Wardrobe for this Fall!

Kylie Jenner has become one of the youngest celebrity for style insiration. This Kardashian has most of her ensemble becoming the latest trend and has even been featured for a lot of magazine cover. She has even introduced line of products, and has become a successful entrepreneur at this age. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, so as your wardrobe needs to be. So we bring you the 6 essential Fashion items that is a must have from Kylie Jenners wardrobe.

1) Formal Dungaree

Denim dungaree that you must have stocked for the summer should be replaced with formal dungaree for this Fall. Formal dungarees are generally made up of cotton satin fabric and gives a very modern and clean finish to your look. In the picture Kylie Jenner is totally pulling off the look and you can definitely carry it this way.


2) Androgynous Overcoat

It is perfect to begin this Fall with this Light winter overcoat, that totally pulls the chic look of Kylie Jenner. This androgynous overcoat can be paired with boyfriend jeans and  a fitted black crop top or simply the way this youngest Kardashian is carrying! But in both ways the Hat is a must to pair along.



3) Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

This pair of Jeans we believe runs for each season of the year, it is distinct only by just the way how you use it in your ensemble for a particular season. We totally love how this 35.5 million followers on Instagram Celebrity wear her distressed denim each time.


4) Calf-length skirt.

Neutral color calf-length skirt is a must have from kylie Jenners wardrobe. The silhouette is so feminine yet bold, and it looks so chic with a bit of peek-a-boo pairing with a crop top. Adding a Jacket with this ensemble would definitely get a few more head turns.




5)  Grey Hair color

This trend has set like fire and it looks Fabulous to carry it during the Fall. You look all the more Stylish with these gry streax on your Hair. FIC digs this from Kylie’s Beauty & Hair product.




6) Gold rings

These rings for different fingers and even midi rings are a must have from Kylie’s Accessories collection. These rings obviously gets true meaning with the groomed Nails like that, Kylie’s nails are also something every blogger should have their eyes on.





“House of Scarves” launch by Hermes


When its  Hermes nothing less can be expected then the world of art & fashion. We were immensely in love with the in-store animation of Hermes silk digital platform “The House Of Scarves”. Each scarf was beautifully designed and were every eye’s wish list present in the store plus the visual setting made us skip a beat.
Hermes scarves has always been a vintage beauty, i feel now most of the people who are crazy for Hermes collection of scarves have started framing it on their walls and trust me your house will flaunt it too.

“House of Scarves” launch of Hermes. Covered by FIC
“House of Scarves” launch of Hermes. Covered by FIC
“House of Scarves” launch of Hermes. Covered by FIC
“House of Scarves” launch of Hermes. Covered by FIC

The designs are historic, they are so cultured and inspirational that you could literally get lost into it. The colors are soothing and amazingly coordinated.
Website dedicated to scarves, only Hermes can pull that off 🎀

“Strong & Soft” Theme shoot by FIC

This theme shoot circles around “strong and soft” women, the watchwords for women fashion this winter. Where one gorgeous women in shoot describes sensuality, dependency, dreamy, gentleness yet very poised, subtle, calm featuring the soft side of women. Whereas on the other hand the women in the bold look depicts a female on a mission needs no permission, carefree attitude showcasing her small independent, liberated, rugged side. She knows that she can walk her life in her own shoe with a believe that she is in a process just trying like everybody else taking up every conflict and featuring the strong side of the women. So which women are you?.

The “Soft” side | FIC Theme shoot
The “Strong” side | FIC Theme shoot
The “Soft” side | FIC Theme shoot
The “Strong” side | FIC Theme shoot
The “Soft” side | FIC Theme shoot
The “Strong” side | FIC Theme shoot

Beautiful Gigi Hadid laughs with fans in São Paulo.

Good coverage of Super sexy GIGI HADID in Sao Paulo.


Yesterday supermodel Gigi Hadid attended an event for Brazilian retail store Rosa Chá, intended to be closed to the public. However, due to Hadid’s huge fan following, she took to Instagram to offer the first 100 fans there a ticket to a meet and greet with her personally. She made sure to remind her fans to stay safe, with events like these often having security concerns.

Hadid looked beautiful in a black crop top and skirt which she paired with a fun embroidered jacket, keeping a casual holiday look for her visit. Hadid posted a grateful message to her Instagram after the event accompanied with a photo of her posing with one of the balloons brandishing her name. The message read “Thank you @rosacha for a beautiful time in São Paulo, and to everyone that came out today- it made me so happy to meet you all”.

Gigi looked stunning…

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“FLORAL” for B’day dinner

For every female may it be a little girl to women, they always consider thier Birthday a very big deal and there is a lot of expectations in different form such as gifts, cards, flowers, gift voucher, surprise party, romantic time and among others. I fall in the category of just shopping, which begins a month prior. The most challenging and time consuming is deciding on the ensemble for bring in, bday lunch, party/dinner which becomes a bit difficult as you have to cross the benchmark you set the last year.For the bring in party i had worn a crop top of Forever21 and a black maxi skirt from Zara.

For the romantic lunch i decided on wearing a very cute skater dress which had digital print starting from waist line to hem. And finally for the Birthday dinner, this is what i had worn.

FIC Fashion Consultant
FIC Fashion Consultant

Floral Crop Top : Cute couture

Maxi skirt : Cute couture

Handbag : DKNY

Flats : Zara

Flash Tatoos #trendalert

There are many quirky accessories coming in trend. May it be mixing different cultures accessory together or coming with something very extraordinary. Now a days people are preferring less to get inked permanently and go for temporary ones.

As everyone wants to be prone to change, Temporary tatoos have become very common. In fashion world, there comes the new introduction of these tatoos basically they are stick on metallic tattoos and they even stay for a while commonly known as Flash Tattoos. Flash Tattoos look very quirky and are most attractive on a beach wear where you can flaunt it.

You can shop these babies on http://www.ebay.com